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Tax Attorney Services for Phoenix-area Taxpayers

Phoenix tax attorney

At Phoenix Pure Tax Resolution, we understand that dealing with the IRS can make you feel helpless. It’s as though a dust storm has begun and you cannot see your way out. The tax debt attorneys at Phoenix Pure Tax Resolution strive to help you see clearly again and shoulder the burden of dealing with the IRS for you. Having assisted thousands nationwide to reach fair settlements, our tax attorneys are determined to end the mounting stress of taxpayers dealing with the IRS. We believe that support, and unrivaled customer service is the most important thing you can have when dealing with IRS back tax problems. If you are a resident or business located in the Phoenix area struggling with back tax debt, allow us to be your strongest advocate.


The Tax Attorney Advantages

1.Trusted Communications

It is vital that you share all information regarding your IRS tax dilemma with your tax debt attorney, no matter how sensitive a topic. Finding a tax attorney with whom you can share personal information is important as without trust you may find it difficult to disclose the information that is necessary in reaching a favorable resolution. This is why we at Phoenix Pure Tax Resolution strive to form trusted relationships with our clients. Unlike other national tax firms, Phoenix Pure Tax Resolution offers approachable, and professional tax attorneys. You will find that this makes communication easier. In addition we offer the trusted, attorney-client privilege which assures that your personal information is confidential and will remain private.

2. Strong Negotiation Skills

These skills are highly important when dealing with the IRS. Our team at Pure Tax Resolution has years of training and experience in the tax industry which has allowed us to truly understand how the IRS system works. We have a great abundance of knowledge with IRS tax laws that can be used in your favor as we know where the IRS has lenience and where they lack authority. Further, we are not intimidated by the IRS’ intimidation methods.

3. Strong Ethics

Unlike enrolled tax relief agents, our in-house tax attorneys are subject to the rules of professional conduct, and subject to discipline by state Bar Associations. Therefore, when you hire a tax debt attorney to resolve your tax debt, you can be certain that you will receive frequent updates about your case and diligent advocacy on your behalf.

Our Phoenix Tax Debt Attorneys Are Here For You

The benefit of having a reliable tax attorney on your side is second to none. Your tax resolution needs are in good hands with Phoenix Pure Tax. Call us today for a free consultation, (602) 344-9399.