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IRS Wage Garnishment Relief for Phoenix Taxpayers


Like a desert cactus, the IRS has the ability to injure you deeply. As a powerful government entity, the IRS has many threatening spines that can cause you and your well-being great harm. The greatest power they hold is to enforce drastic collection methods. Perhaps the most detrimental is their ability to garnish your wages and/or levy your bank account. These are very serious matters that can upset your job and family life and should not be taken lightly. Wage garnishment methods are strictly imposed when you fail to take action against the IRS’ warnings, so it is important that you seek IRS wage garnishment help, IMMEDIATELY.


How To Stop Wage Garnishment IMMEDIATELY


IRS wage garnishment help is right around the corner; however it begins with your immediate action. When you receive a CP-297, or a first notice of wage garnishment, it is important that you act quickly as the threat of a wage garnishment becomes reality sooner than you think. If you fail to respond to the CP-297, you will then receive a CP-90, or a final notice, which means you only have 30 days left to act. After the 30 days has passed with no action on your end, the IRS will begin to garnish your wages. From first warning to last the whole process takes just a couple of months. The worst you can do is nothing at all!


You can stop wage garnishment immediately! The wage garnishment lawyers at Phoenix Pure Tax Resolution are here to help. Our wage garnishment attorneys have years of experience in stopping IRS wage garnishment, and can help you avoid IRS wage garnishment in the future. Phoenix Pure Tax Resolution has the ability to end your IRS wage garnishment within one day of receiving the proper information from you. Moral of the story? DON’T WAIT! Get IRS wage garnishment help today! Contact us for a free consultation. (602) 344-9399.