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Professional IRS Back Tax Relief for Phoenix-area Taxpayers


Back tax problems can cause you to sweat faster than the Arizona heat. Categorized as serious problems, we understand the stress that comes with having IRS back taxes. If you, like thousands of other taxpayers in the same situation, do not know where to begin or do not have the ability to repay your back taxes do not wait any longer. It is imperative that you seek professional assistance immediately before the addition of back tax penalties. The professional back tax attorneys at Phoenix Pure Tax Resolution are on hand to help our clients regain financial security!


IRS Back Tax Settlement Strategies:

IRS Installment Plan

The IRS has an installment program, and if you owe less than $25,000 it's likely we can negotiate an IRS installment plan for you. In fact, even if you owe more than that, we may be able to use one of our other tax resolution strategies to get your balance below $25,000 so that we can get you an installment plan through the IRS.

1. Partial Payment Installment Agreements

A partial installment agreement is very similar to a full installment plan. This option still allows the taxpayer to make manageable payments, but unlike the full installment plan it will not satisfy the full debt amount.

2. Offer in compromise (OIC)

An OIC is the most sought after settlement, but unfortunately many do not qualify. This allows the taxpayer to repay an amount that is substantially less than the full amount. When repaid, the debt is considered fully satisfied. Though rarely granted by the IRS unless strict requirements are met, we still may be able to award this to you. Allow our seasoned IRS tax attorneys to assist you in completing the complex application.

3. Currently Not Collectible Status (CNC)

Increasingly, many of our clients qualify for CNC status which places a temporary hold on IRS collections and may become permanent f there is no material change in your income.

How Do You Settle Your Back Tax Problems?

When owe IRS back taxes it's hard to focus on your job, your family or virtually anything else, creating an ongoing cycle of tax debt that seems hard to break out of. You must take action to eliminate your back tax debt. Contact us today and we will immediately begin to shoulder the burden of your IRS back tax problems and and work diligently to get your life back on track!

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