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IRS Penalty Abatement/Relief for Phoenix Taxpayers


IRS penalty abatement (or relief) involves the reduction of penalties that were imposed on taxpayers who failed to comply with the provisions of the Tax Code. IRS penalty abatement is a solution to lower the penalties that were imposed on you. To qualify for IRS penalty relief, you must have received at least one of the five tax penalties listed below:

  • Accuracy-related penalties
  • Penalties for tax fraud
  • Penalties for under-payment of tax
  • Penalties for filing late or failing to file tax returns
  • Combined penalties

Though tax penalties may be as significant a burden as the underlying tax itself, they exist to encourage taxpayers to follow the law. IRS tax penalties are cumulative and occur if you fail to file your tax return on time. The IRS has many ways to collect tax penalties:

Tax Liens - A tax lien can be a significant burden on you and your family. It may result in an inability to get a job, buy a home, or even own assets in your name. If the IRs places a tax lien against you, you will be unable to sell or dispose of your assets until your tax and tax penalties are paid. This may create a vicious cycle where you can’t pay off your IRS back tax and penalties because you are unable to sell your assets for extra money.

IRS Wage Garnishment - The IRS can invade your personal life and instruct your employer to take a portion of your wages and send them directly to the IRS. This money is nonrefundable and will be applied towards your past tax obligations until the debt is paid.

IRS Notices, Summons and Seizures - The IRS can also issue collection letters, notices and summonses to get you to pay you tax and tax penalties. Like any tax problems, IRS tax penalties cannot be ignored and must be acted upon quickly to avoid more stress.

As you can see, IRS tax penalties can be very harmful to your personal life, and your assets. The good news is we specialize in IRS penalty abatement for Phoenix taxpayers, and we can help you. Contact us today for a free consultation regarding our IRS penalty relief services, (602) 344-9399.